About Pam


Pamela Garnet Lawson is a gifted and respected artist living and working in West London. Over the last 50 years she has developed a unique and provocative style of painting and drawing, which fuses the symbolism and atmosphere of the 16 and 17th century masters with her modern day passion and insight.

Pam gained an honours degree in theatre design and worked in various provincial theatres. She came to London to work as a scenic artist at the BBC. This was followed by freelance work for television and film. Her family have been involved in the theatre and the arts for five generations.

In recent years Pam has concentrated on her painting producing work in oil, watercolour, pencil, charcoal and pastel. She studied for several years at the Royal College of Art Drawing Studio and has attended the International Drawing School in Toulouse.

Exhibitions: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. The New English Art Club at the Mall Galleries. Flower East - Self Portrait Mixed Exhibition. Amendi in Chiswick. Frivoli in Chiswick.


Email: paintboxpam@googlemail.com   Mobile: 07799625951